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    A community built around performance and leadership events – exploring what we can learn from elite sport and apply to personal & professional life



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Huddle’s mission?

We are building a community of people who are enthusiastic about performance improvement – and facilitating learning from elite sport in order to enable that improvement.

Why should I join the community or attend Huddle events?

Get insights into top-level performance from those who have achieved success in elite sport

Learn how to apply these insights to different aspects of your own performance

Meet and connect with like-minded professionals and interact with speakers in an intimate setting

Those in the Huddle community are

seeking to improve their personal and professional performance

interested in  learning from those involved in elite sport

looking to inspire and develop their team

looking to build relationships
and connect with others

How can I learn more?


Sign up (below) and become part of the Huddle community

What can I learn?

Here are some of the themes from Huddle Dublin 2016:

Creating a winning mentality

Nutrition fuelling high performance

Passion, pride & purpose

Training habits & routine

Leadership & motivating teams

Performing under pressure

See what you missed out on at Huddle Dublin 2016

  • 8.00am Welcome & Registration: networking & coffee

    Meet and greet delegates from other businesses, organisations and clubs while checking out the exhibitors at our specially designed venue

  • 8.45am Opening Remarks

    PPI award winning sports broadcaster, Ger Gilroy from Off The Ball, will open the day and introduce the speakers

  • Main Stage: each discussion will ask what can we learn and apply from elite sport & performance in the following areas...
  • 9am Goal-setting

    An interactive session around goal-setting where Gerry Duffy will provide insights into his sporting achievements such as completing 32 marathons in 32 days and winning a Deca Iron Man.

  • 9.45am Perfect practice or pitch perfect: a story about performance & learning

    Nick Winkelman, Head Of Athletic Performance and Science, IRFU

    We have all experienced it – the disappointment and confusion that emerges after putting everything we have into studying, practicing and preparing only to experience utter failure when the big moment comes. We reflect, “how could I have been so successful in practice, but perform so poorly when it mattered most.” This disconnect is common, almost ubiquitous, and these situations are often associated with ‘choking under pressure’, ‘test taking anxiety’, ‘stage fright’, or something similar. Whilst dealing with pressure is part of the equation, it is not the whole story. This presentation seeks to demystify a part of this conundrum and provide insights that should help our practice stick when it counts.

  • 10.10am Training

    Hugh Hogan, Nick Winkleman, Greg Muller – Martin Garvey

    Gain insights from Irish Rugby coaches, Andy Farrell and Nick Winkelman and former Connacht and Auckland Blues S&C coach, Greg Muller into routines, practices and mindsets of high performing coaches/teams in their training. Learn from the processes which are applied in elite training and how to apply the learnings to a non-elite professional/personal environment (e.g. in relation to goal setting, motivation, overcoming setbacks, keeping things fresh). With Martin Garvey.

  • 11.00am Transition

    Eoin Rheinisch, Mick Dowling, Gordon D’Arcy – Ryan O’Reilly

    Insights into the transition that elite athletes must make when their sporting career ends and how we can learn from it. Everyone has to deal with a transition period in their lives; this discussion explores how elite sporting performers are dealing or have dealt with the process and what they have learned during that process.

  • 11.45am O'Gara's Racing 92 Story

    Racing 92 coach and Ireland’s record points scorer, Ronan O’Gara, will provide insights into the execution of a three year plan and roadmap for success at Racing, as well as his experience of the transition from player to coach.

  • 12.05pm Performing under Pressure

    Gavan Hennigan & Ronan O’Gara – Richard Chambers

    Two elite performers with starkly different, yet equally impressive, performance stories discuss performing under pressure. Get insights into how one of rugby’s greatest ever out-halfs learned to deal with the pressure of a nation to become Ireland’s record point scorer. Also, hear how an extreme environment athlete and deep-sea saturation diver deals with life or death situations at 200m below sea level while setting records over 500km across the Arctic Circle.

  • 12.35pm Psychology

    Dr Kate Kirby, Aidan Kearney, David Fitzgerald, Arthur Lannigan O’Keeffe – Dr Olivia Hurley

    Learn about the role psychology plays in elite sport and examine how the principles can apply to everyday personal and professional life. In recent years, sport has embraced the beneficial impact psychology can have on the performance of teams and individuals. Given these successes, it makes sense that there should be a bigger emphasis placed on psychology around business and personal performance.

  • 1.10pm Break
  • 2.10pm Second Half

    Marie Crowe, sports presenter with UTV Ireland and sports writer with the Sunday Independent, opens the second half of the day and introduces each speaker.

  • 2.15pm Nutrition

    Eilis McSweeney, Dr Sharon Madigan, Natalya Coyle – Joanne Murphy

    Learn from the nutrition principles applied in elite sport and get insights into the importance of the role nutrition plays in fuelling high performance in sport and every other facet of life. Listen to stories of how nutrition played a part in the Olympic successes of Natalya Coyle and the role Dr Sharon Madigan (Head of Performance Nutrition with the Irish Institute of Sport) plays for Ireland’s high performance athletes. Learn how these insights can help improve your performance.

  • 3.00pm Surf for Life

    Five time Irish National Surfing Champion, Dr Easkey Britton, provides insights into what surfing can teach us about living and leading with flow, resilience and trust in the process.

  • 3.25pm Social

    Derek McGrath, James Cluskey and Noel Connors  – Marie Crowe

    Learn about the importance of sport from a personal perspective (confidence, purpose, teamwork, trust and responsibility) and how this can contribute to a better society.

  • 4.00pm Underdog Story

    Pat Lam in conversation with Andy McGeady

    Get an insight into Connacht’s underdog story and learn how Pat Lam built on the foundations of the work carried out before his arrival to turn Connacht into league champions. Learn from Pat’s processes and see how he changed the culture of the team and the organisation to create a winning mentality and a group of leaders, on and off the field. Listen to Pat’s story of overcoming setbacks to become one of the great rugby coaches and hear his plans for the future and challenges facing him and Connacht.

  • 5.15pm Purpose

    Gary Neville in conversation with Jim Breen

    Get insights into what elite sport can teach us about pursuing a goal that means something – the importance of the “why” – from one of the most successful footballers of all time. Hear why passion for challenges is so important and how the values and principles at Manchester United allowed Gary to achieve success outside of sport.

  • 6.15pm Closing Remarks

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